Are you looking for the right spiritual guide to heal and create meaningful changes in your life?

I'm your woman. It's my pleasure to guide you on your journey from burnout, heartbreaks, lost confidence and trauma to unshakeable mental health, self-love, positive body image, and a balanced life/career.

I provide healing sessions over Skype - it works just as well as in person. Energy healing, Reiki healing, chakra balancing, meditation, healing visualization, and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) are invaluable even as single sessions.

My in-depth coaching and mentoring is best delivered across 2 weeks - 1 month including 4 private calls. Please, do take advantage of the Contact Me form if you have any doubts before committing and booking.

If you're a woman, you can get started with this free self-loving goddess manual: Download Free Blueprint. You can certainly feel like a goddess and live a life you love without changing the number on the scale, winning the lottery or getting a hunky lover...

If 'goddess' is not your thing, you'll love my e-book for an all-over wellbeing makeover, lasting happiness, health, and freedom. Changes/transitions in life are always hard, but achieving inner peace is made easy in this manual. 

Anyone can be successful, possessing a strong spirit without selling their soul, crumbling under stress, or pretending to be someone else.

Coaching & healing calls will be designed after our initial consultation to deliver maximum effectiveness. You'll create transformation within yourself, in your love life, or your career in no time with my help. The investment is a small price to pay for the life-time of benefits the sessions will generate.

I work with people from all over the world and I like to accommodate different time-zones. If my calendar doesn't offer a vast selection of available hours, I'm willing to arrange a suitable hour for both.


I look forward to getting to know you!

Warm Regards,


sounds great, Pavlina, but I'm still waiting for the stars to align...

I'm not gonna sugar-coat it: They never will unless you start taking actions.

Healing Session

What will you get?

- A powerful 75-minute long healing session tailored to your current needs

- Immediate relief from worry, stress, anxiety, or help with long-held trauma.

- Purified energy field/aura

- Unblocking stuck energy and facilitating emotional release

- A sense of safety, peace, self-love, positivity and physical wellbeing

- Visualization and intention for continuous growth

- Additional online resources to assist you on your healing journey

- 20% discount for future calls.

- Weekly inspirational newsletter and free blueprints

Techniques I use the most:

- Distant Reiki healing, EFT tapping, kundalini meditation, breath-work, left and rain brain dialogues, family constellations, element visualization, human design


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