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In this e-book, you'll learn how to navigate life's transitions well. You'll receive insights about what it takes to go from self-loathing and depression to becoming the person you were always meant to be.

Healthy, happy and free you is just a few pages away!


I know how hard it is to work on an undying optimistic outlook when all you want to do is scream or cry. I'll guide you through nine simple steps to recovery. 

I've gone through heartbreaks, grief, and depression but I've always known that it wasn't my destiny. I thought a little outside of the box, took risks, said no to many people, left toxic jobs and did whatever I could to find who I was. My life has never been the same since.


Millions of people struggle with overwhelming emotions, bad moods, and anxiety. Moreover, they sabotage their chance at joy and health every day by thoughts and actions that the media led them to believe should create health and happiness. Our past educational system brainwashed us with wrong information about wellbeing and abundance. It's time to turn your back on toxic advice and return to your inner wisdom.


Transitioning - 9-Step Wellbeing Guide in Times of Change isn't only about eating your greens, and definitely not at all about spending hours on the treadmill to feel great. It is a book that will give you a holistic approach to lasting, sustainable health, peace of mind and freedom that is at your fingertips. If you’ll read it with an open mind and open heart, I'll promise you - it will change your life.

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