When the heart gets stimulated via your private parts

The famous holistic practitioner Dr Christiane Northrup once stated that in the female body there is a direct meridian line going from the cervix up to the heart chakra. In other words - women are capable of falling in love following a sexual encounter. The women I know, however, tend to reason about love and do not let themselves receive via their private parts the energy of a man and his way of demonstrating feelings. In any case, love is unreasonable. If we rationalize against a relationship, but the sex is great - we probably keep coming for more. If there is a psychological payoff - feelings of security, or a long-term potential for raising a family despite the intercourse being mediocre, women may re-calculate and choose the relationship regardless. But now you know, the energy centre around the cervix is to blame when it comes to falling in love unreasonably. I'm glad that when my heart chakra's stimulated, there are no more objections against running with it. If your heart says it's worth it, even if just for a while, don't worry about losing your mind for a bit... The season of changes...  Are you feeling it? Gone are the sunny days in the northern hemisphere and the cold days in the southern one. I like this transitioning period. Five close friends are moving houses!  Don't be surprised if you get a little under the weather.... getting sick is not a failure. According to Chinese medicine, catching a cold at least once a year is welcomed. The immune system is rebuilding and any stuck chi - energy - is stirred up and released so blocked chakra centres can keep functioning at their optimal level again.  I ask my clients when they're sick if they experienced any major changes in their life or stifled self-expression, anger or shame 2-3 weeks prior to the cold .... If yes, it's no wonder the body suppresses the immune system and either succumbs to viruses and bacteria or creates an ailment in order to finally rest and digest all the newness. Love yourself and embrace whatever emotion is triggering you right now. Yell, cry or dance if you need to. You'll get through it! With Love, Pavlina


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