Twenty-one days to change, notice the signs, learn from spiders and dating apps

21 days is all you need to create a new habit Just as it appeared, it can disappear. Bad habits, wobbly self-discipline and even addictions can be replaced if we give ourselves the time. I heard that it takes 3 weeks of consistent daily practice before we get the gist of a new pursuit. Don't run back to the familiar just because a change is hard. Keep at it. Our lack of self-care keeps us stuck in self-sabotaging behaviours. We can cultivate healthier habits and persist until they become second nature. Getting used to my new job was a rollercoaster. 21 days in, it finally settled down. Or up. Because it feels amazing now! 30 days of icy morning showers, I'm still disciplined. This new cold shower routine is the prelude to a much harder habit I began to cultivate. After I dress, I sit down in front of my laptop and type like no one's going to read it, typing for my joy, venting my pain, creating clarity in my thought process, studying what intrigues me, and then maybe, publishing it on my blog. The power of consistency and winning over Resistance is examined in Steven Pressfield's book: The War of Art. My favorite mentor Marie Forleo interviewed Steven here:

Spirit animals as messengers for creative solutions Lately, I've been seeing giant spiders and ladybugs inviting themselves into my room in plain sight so I could NOTICE the call. They seem to turn up exactly at the moment when I'm reflecting on something. When it happens for the second or third time (same thoughts and the same creature) - I do my research. Remember, the first 21 days of cultivating a new habit, or getting used to new circumstances will be tough. Read about not giving up on my blog here.  Read about weaving our destiny here. Staying on track with dating. Should we give ourselves 21 days when it comes to dating too? It could fit any style - 21 dates with the same person before we make a decision whether they're right for us, Getting to know 21 new people across a few months during social events or in meet up groups, learning, hoping, producing lists, changing habits and re-creating ourselves along the way - calling in a romantic partner in crime. Or - 21 days on a dating app, striking daily conversations and meeting face to face with someone once or twice a week. I nearly gave up on this daunting dating thing, but I realized that although I've not yet met anyone who interests me, it's been helping me define who I am and what I need. I'm closer to that ideal match more than ever before. Again, we can't effect change in our minds, only in action. Happy changing! With Love, Pavlina


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