The whispers of the heart

What is your heart whispering to you,<<First Name>>?

It's been an extraordinary year so far and many of us have heard ourselves think louder than at any other time before... But overthinking will get us into trouble.

Most of our thoughts are wired to be fear-based, warnings of all kinds, unhelpful judgments and unnecessary worry...

My heart is finally in the right place.

I began a new career as a full-time live-in carer in England as of today. How exciting! And daunting at the same time... But my heart is finally at peace. I've searched for a stable job as a base for my acts of service. It makes me happy that this opportunity found me while guaranteeing in Thailand.

Be careful what you wish for.... again.

Isn't it funny how things work out the way we least expect, yet the unexpected feels too familiar not to have been expected?

I found a new man. 

I already mentioned in one of my blogpoststhat I've encountered a romantic interest while back in the Czech Republic. 

It was sudden, intense, affectionate, emotional and fun, and it is finished.


I don't believe in promises made after a very short time of knowing someone and long-distance romantic relationships are difficult - for me.

My new career offers me a lot more stability and purpose.

The lesson from this new 'heartbreak'?

It wasn't heartbreaking at all, it was rather heart-opening.

I tasted the kind of feeling I know I deserve to have in a long-term relationship. It was the first time since 10 years ago that I felt an easy emotional connection, safety, and peace with a man. In fact, for the first time ever I felt truly heard and totally seen.

If you ask me how is it possible to create an emotional connection in a matter of days -

-> The answer is always an authentic communication.

Are you afraid of rejection? Of abandonment? Of commitment? -> Communicate all that!

By communicating, we found a way back to one another. In the end, we've established a beautifully honest intimacy. Lovers or friends - I am certain that by listening to my heart, it has led me to both a wonderful person and a wonderful job.

My last weeks in the Czech Republic couldn't have beensunnier

Goodbye Prague, hello York for a year!

May you hear the whispers of your heart well!

With Love,


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