My own sexual healing

Apart from life coaching, I help people heal their traumatic sexual experiences. It's time to share more about my own sexual healing, see blog post. Remember, healing trauma is not just candles, white-sage burning, and praying. It must be embodied... we have to engage the body just as well as the unconscious mind... Trauma is stored in the physical body and in the energy body. Dancing is an excellent tool. Dance with all your emotions until they transmute into love. I don't know who needs to hear this but if you've had a bad sexual experience (or two), the only way you fully heal it is through sex. Loving sex. Choose a safe partner and open your heart. It might be uncomfortable, it might be painful, but you have to stay with the feeling until it transmutes into acceptance. For only then you may re-claim your body as love. Don't run away from pain. Heal it.

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