Mishaps, learning, and putting sex back on the 'to do' list

It’s no longer permissible to make mishaps. In a journal, I spotted the line: "Mishaps are highly probable." And it made me cringe. How many mistakes does one need to make in order to succeed at something? Well, I decided to cross the last two words and write: no longer permissible. That's how benevolent I am when it comes to my own healing journey 🤷🏻‍♀️ Interestingly, when it comes to other people, you wouldn't find a more patient and wiser gal than me. Yes, I'm talking diet, career, personal relationships and everything in between that we've all had more than one go at already. But, the journal was right.

How do you want to spend the coming year, <<First Name>>? A few of us are thinking about educating ourselves. Whether it's about stoping racism, learning digital marketing, or improving our relationships.  Some continue with their academic studies and some want to pursue a self-paced online course at home. Well, even university studies will be blended for some time... then we have educational seminars for public which may turn to webinars as well.  Sometimes I ask myself: Do I need another diploma to feel good enough? It could help... says the unhelpful voice in the back of my head. I’ve prepaid a few holistic courses from The School of Natural Health Sciences in 2017. They're all very exciting, but when there's no one kicking my butt and no external deadlines, I struggle with completing things. Still, this year could be The Year. The Year to get things done. Is putting 'sex' on the menu for 2020/21 wrong/shallow/scandalous/pathetic? As much as I love my god and making spiritual love to all the divinity there is including the divine within me - I need sex. Real sex with a real man. Regular love-making would be the best and healthiest medicine for the coming year. !This statement's coming from someone who wrote a book about conscious sexuality! Certainly, physical love could be just as - or more - productive and relaxing THAN sneaky avoidance work (procrastinating about the important stuff by busying oneself with a lot of other work), solitary self-reflecting, self-forgetting service, and all the wine one could drink. Trust me, I’ve done a lot of research on this. Nothing compares to the real thing.

Let’s blame the lack of social interaction on COVID?

While my article on EJ is still very much valid - it never said - do not have sex when you want it. You just need to attract the right person for it. Then question your motive or read the article again. In my opinion, physical pleasure is perfectly fine when you're not trying to fill the inner void with it! If sex brings out some intimacy issues, perhaps my other article will shed some light on how best to fix those.

With Love, Pavlina

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