Integrity.... what is it and do you have it?

Hello! I'd like to describe my perception of integrity. Here goes some food for thought.

Are you sending the right message to the Universe with regards to your goal? The magic formula is to see the bigger picture and then make appropriate commitments. What have you unconsciously committed to? Do you want to be always right or to be happy? Those are not forever mutually exclusive, but hey, you know what I'm talking about. We tend to collect evidence for our miserable struggles on the way to achieving our dreams. "See, the world is coming to an end, why should I even strive for anything?!" "See, no good men/women out there, I might as well remain the same undateable self." Well, are those thoughts making you happy? If you TRUST it is all coming for you, you can sit back and relax. Show 'thumbs up' to the universe and the middle finger to your demons and fear. What are your values? Find them, commit to staying true to them, to your long-term growth and contentment.  Scroll down to read an excerpt from my blog. "Focus on one thing at a time".... and one person at a time as well?  The "Golden Rule" of Leviticus "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". I finally know what it means in practice. Gone are the days when I was dating 3 men at a time, and by dating I mean that I slept around. Presently, I wouldn't like someone to do the same thing to me. These days I'm still amidst the online dating thing, however, having cast my nets, I came to the conclusion that choosing 1 out of 10 perspective subjects would be more than enough. Not all of them asked what's up, people disappear on you in the process too, but anyone (from the 9 left) who wondered should be let known where they stood. As far as I understand, dating several people at once is permissible, while we're just getting to know one another. When a particular date becomes intimate, or we pick 'the one' - I - like to cease all games with the others. However, not everyone is the same, only time will tell. This dedication to staying true to my values, and to be a good person is about me. I'd like to be able to live with myself, check for unconscious guilt and have no regrets.  Integrity... one fine word that feels so satisfying to make friends with. With Love, Pavlina

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