How not to go nuts throughout this pandemic madness

Updated: Oct 26, 2020


I'm in awe of an inspiring interview I watched on Marie Forleo’s website and then listened again on Spotify… and I'm not done with it yet! This woman, Rha Goddess, deserves another listen, and another. Her book needs to be bought, read, and highlighted… I see something familiar in her, something resonating and vibrating on the same level as me. She's a lightworker... How the hell does she rock her gifts so well? Please, do yourself a favour and listen to her talk HERE.

Here's, why I loved it so much

Covid-19 restrictions are so tough on our mental health and sneakily raise stress levels. Keeping up with our wellbeing practices is sometimes the last thing on the list - but it's the most important one. We need awareness of what we really feel and realign with our deepest truth. Whether your truth is that what's going on right now is a conspiracy or you choose to see this pandemic as a “sacred pause” instead, focus on what makes you feel good. As per myself, Rhea helped me feel better just by reminding me of practising stillness.

Plug in to re-align during tough times

How can we serve throughout all this madness? To be content and healthy, one needs perhaps less than having a stable job, a roof over the head, intellectual stimuli, or a lover. There were many times in the past where I only had a roof over my head, and barely so. You get it…. This is not the time to reminisce or pitty oneself… get up and dust off. No matter what you're dealing with, we must prepare for the new era.

Rha says that this new era will be about us coming together, figuring out how to make things better, and don’t rip each other apart. We ought to focus on "the economy of love, the economy of truth and the economy of we."

The last one is a tough cookie, especially for intimacy escapists.

Clearly, we can’t do life alone as individuals who are afraid to love, trust or collaborate. Even if you're alone right now, you can still reach out and connect with people virtually. Practice relating to others authentically and lovingly. Yes, I do feel lonely sometimes, and that's a red flag that I unplugged myself from the source.

I challenge you to do two things today that will plug you back into your source of personal power. Do something that is 1. collaborative and 2. uniquely you…

For example, I called my friend in Germany and had her tell me all about her parenting difficulties. I listened attentively and offered my emotional support. It made me feel useful and connected (1.). Now I’m drinking 85% dark chocolate with gusto and I’m going to write an action plan for the next coupla months (2.)

Choose your sources of information wisely these days… If you can't, and you get overwhelmed, re-focus back on love and your own truth within.

With Love, Pavlina

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