Difficult family relationships bring you down?

Hi, <<First Name>>, let's talk family relations. Did you just convulse and grimace? Some of us might not have the best memories associated with our parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, or even inlaws. I don't do the latter, but in the past, I had to deal with the mothers of my two serious boyfriends, and thank god, they were both pleasant experiences. In fact, more so than the many occasions with my own mother.  Frankly, exercising emotional intelligence in front of my mum, and the other women in my family, is a task beyond this world. Take my grandmother, whom I love very much and who has never ever even considered loving herself. She is the epitome of a woman born during the war, growing up through communism and Russian occupation, always conforming to the rules, never thinking outside the box, marrying the first man who was interested, bearing babies as it's customary, divorcing to be shamed by the whole village, then taking another man to live a life filled with guilt and resentments. I don't know if she was imagining all the gossiping and animosity in her surroundings, or the local communities seriously made her life hell.  Fast forward decades, she has joined their club. Creating gossips in her hideaway behind a see-through curtain, watching an uneventful road, making up events as she goes.  And now she doesn't have long to go. We create our own destiny. It's no mambo-jumbo. Yet, my own family will never understand. They do not link their beliefs and mindsets to what they see around them. They believe life is happing to them, not for them, every aspect spiraling out of control and everybody else is to blame. Life is miserable, money scarce, and health fragile because, because. They are great at manifesting things to complain about just as I'm getting better at manifesting things to be grateful for. If only we could be prophets in our own homes! Have you ever pondered why newborns are so alluring? I suspect that it's their clean slate. Life is only starting. Unencumbered by gossip, the media, and broken relationships. Yet.

P.S: Any thoughts about my new e-mail design? 🤔 With Love, Pavlina


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