Decisions, burning journals, and letting go

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Deciding is difficult... I read this line in a message that a lover sent to my friend. She was so caught up in having to make a decision for herself, she was letting the present moment pass her by, causing difficulty for herself and pain for him (and me) to watch... It made me realize that indeed, the act of deciding is difficult, yet making a decision is not.  If we could decide quickly, unemotionally, and without analyzing NOW - the choice would be based on our instincts, it would be the right choice, and this method wouldn't hurt. Choosing an outcome shouldn't take us too long because if we suffer in the process, we're deliberately attacking ourselves. Try practicing making your choices quickly. Cappuccino or Flat white today? Black tea. Great, it's a deal.

Burning your journals? I listen to podcasts very seldom. After all, I have two unfinished audiobooks and two kindle books to consume at any given time. But in between, I like to spice it up and get inspired by my favorites, like Max Lugavere, MindBodyGreen, or Marie Forleo.  This time, Danielle LaPorte's title caught my eye. She talked burning journals, letting go, and not getting caught up in leaving a legacy - "In 20 years no one will remember you anyway..." I pondered that instantly. Look, I've been writing journals since 9 years old!!! I used to cling to all my cute looking diaries with tiny little locks, ornaments, or even inconspicuous designs that contain all that has happened to me, word by word... Wouldn't getting rid of them feel like a suicide? Well, a suicide would commit anyone who would read those.... especially, the earlier versions with my messed up childhood. A few years back, I re-read some bits and I wanted to die that day. Nevertheless, I preciously closed the covers and stashed the piece of non-fiction back to the drawer with the others. I couldn't read anymore but I thought that one day it would become valuable. Really? When and why? Lessons were learned and today I preach moving on and forgiveness above all.  I feel like setting all of the 20 copies on fire immediately. Hang on there a little longer, <<First Name>>... What can help you make a decision? Know who you are and examine if your following choice reflects that. Not only should it reflect who you want to be at the moment of deciding, but also in a year, or 5 years. Knowing your aspirations will help you make the right choice that will be in alignment with your short-term and long-term goals. Add a little resoluteness to the process, then it's bound to be quick and painless. Good luck!  With Love, Pavlina

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