Dating, planting seeds, not apologizing

I am done with dating,<<First Name>>, And I'm not saying it in a bitter manner. I'm merely done with various dating games like - not replying in a timely fashion (a few hours up to a full working day can be understandable, however, a few days? You've/I've been too busy to reply for a week?), having unconscious fears of abandonment running the show, or mind-fucks to get each other to bed... I am done with that. In the best way possible.

Planting seeds

Some time ago I got tired of my nomadic life, then the pandemic hit and I was ready to see my gypsy roots a thing of the past. Now I have the stability I've always dreamed of. We create our own destiny, and we can be whoever we decide to be. More than 20 years ago, I wanted to live in an English speaking country, be proud of myself, be part of a nice family, live healthily and be doing something useful for others. Now I’m being/doing all of it.

We plant seeds by our hopeful thinking…. don’t expect miracles overnight - keep planting and keep believing. You never know what dream might come true tomorrow.

What does it mean to live unapologetically? Can we do that while not offending other people and nurturing our relationships? I’m certain that the relationships that matter can get even stronger if we keep being true to ourselves. What friend would prefer you to play and pretend? If you have to agree with everything just to keep them pacified, I’m sorry - ask yourself - does the relationship nurture you??

Please yourself first so you can please others by your inner radiance.

We are bound to offend some people if we are unwilling to be agreeable at all costs or obey requests that go against our conviction.  When do you respect yourself more - when you say no to others and yes to yourself, or when you betray yourself in favor of pleasing someone else first?

The people who matter should always respect your choice, so stand up for your beliefs, knowing there's no need to apologize for who you are and what you want. With Love, Pavlina


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