Crazy dreams, numerology, and the angelic realm

My dreams have been insane lately... ..and I'm aware that dreams usually are. In my life, I've not had as many, you could say nightmares, in a row as I've had this past week. There are several possible explanations as to why we dream of illogical situations, fantasmagorical events or our deepest fears. I dreamt of having a baby I had no clue about (like, what?), being robbed by a child, being stalked, seeing whales (despite it having been years since I saw them in Oz) and my mum running my life (nightmare, truly!) Possible interpretations 1 - Lunatic dreams could be triggered by our fear of the unknown. We're in uncertain times, I don't think I'm the only one having subconscious anxiety causing me to dream crazy dreams. 2 - It could be a past traumatic event that wasn't processed thoroughly that is coming up to the conscious level again to be healed and released. It doesn't have to play out the same in the dream, but it usually produces the same feelings as when it had happened back then. 3 - We could dream of something we look forward to happening in the future (Not the baby I didn't know about, please) 4 - It is said that the hour of waking could be contributed to the Chinese body clock and corresponding organs. The intense dreaming woke me up between 3-5 am and that is the hour of the lungs detoxifying. The lungs are associated with sadness. I don't recall something particularly sad happening precisely in the past weeks, except, well, yes, a family thing. Another speculation is that the hour of waking - the numbers you see on your phone or watch - is an important message from the angelic realm. I frequently see 11:11. Again, there are several arguments as to why we tend to look at the clock at the same time. I like the interpretation that it could be a message from the spirit comforting us that we are looked after. The number 1 stands for new beginnings. The number 3 is for communication and 4 for stability, according to numerology. I have been seeing more 3's lately, and since it's the number associated with Archangel Gabriel, I take it that he urges me to find my voice and keep on writing, keep on speaking, and asking for what I want. What are your signs?

With Love, Pavlina


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