Are your sessions conducted in person or online?

Currently, I only offer sessions over Skype or Whatsapp. From August 2020, you'll be able to see me in York, England for in-person healing sessions. I still prefer calls to be honest.

What can I expect?

Please check out the various services I offer here:

However, I tailor the healing & coaching program according to what you need to create massive shifts in your life. Your action plan will be uniquely made just for you to see the results YOU want. I will support you throughout via calls and e-mails to ensure you are well equipped and empowered to reach your dreams.

What is the Goddess membership?

I'm planning a self-love goddess retreat in Bali in 2021 that will be offered only to the most dedicated clients of mine. Therefore, this virtual membership will be a hub for those women goddesses who'd be interested in attending an immersive retreat in Indonesian paradise. Activities will include hands-on energy healing, dance and cacao ceremonies, honest sharing circles, Tantric-healing workshops, optional yoga, and seeing all the sweet spots of Ubud, Bali which has become a second home to me over the years.

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How can I know that I can trust you, that you are authentic, the real deal - in other words - experienced enough to practice what you preach? 

You'll be able to get to know me very easily. I encourage you to book a free consultation call with me first. I'm an open book and sometimes perhaps too straight-forward! I hide nothing once I see that someone is genuinely interested in working with me and needs that little extra piece of authenticity to feel safe and share their own concerns with me. I've had a colorful past and I'm not ashamed to talk about it - you shouldn't be either. Healing happens amidst the sh*t-embracing mess!

Where are you from and how old are you?

I'm from the Czech Republic and I'm about to celebrate 33 in July 2020.

What are 10 fun facts about you?

Okay... are you ready?

1. I'm a Leo Rabbit - which gives me a passionate personality with ever-surprising timidness. I believe they call it an introverted extrovert! I don't like the spotlight at all costs, but among friends, I'm the crazy one. In big groups, I get exhausted and then seek the refuge of my rabbit hole to recharge batteries.

2. I eat dark chocolate every day. Fullstop. No woman needs to explain herself.

3. I dance every day, morning or evening, just to feel alive and prepare myself for dancing with the events of life itself.

4. I've lived in the UK for 3 years, Spain for 1,5 years, France 1 year, USA 1 year, and Australia for nearly 3 years. I spent 1 month in Costa Rica and also Argentina. Malaysia, Singapore, Bali, and Thailand replaced my home for somewhere between 3-6 months. Countries I only paid short visits to: countless. The fun fact? I love to travel and experience other cultures, yet I've never been in the 'backyard' - the neighboring countries of Slovakia, Hungary, or Poland.

5. I'm still learning how not to multitask and only focus on one thing at the time. In the age of information overload, I am an avid consumer. The three books I read at once are not helping to reduce it.

6. I pray for a safe ride each time I'm about to drive myself on a scooter. I must say that since I don't even have a driving license and drive in a country where no rules apply, it works.

7. Adelaide, a city in Australia, is the type of place I could see myself settling down one day. The climate is perfect, the city is near the sea, it's safe, elegant, has a good shopping hub and adequate cultural activities. Plus, the Adelaide Hills and other vineyards in South Australia produce the best Shiraz!

8. I'm a light-weight and a cheap date. Best if I stick to one 150ml glass of wine if you still want to have a coherent conversation with me.

9. I'm a health nut. I could live in health food stores selling organic produce, sustainably sourced goods, antioxidants, ethically raised animal products (despite eating mostly plant-based, I can appreciate that), fair-trade chocolates, nut mylks, and sugar-free gluten-free treats. Taking a stroll through Wholefoods or Go Vita is like an Alice in Wonderland paradise experience for me! I can spend hours reading the labels and admiring clean foods. I'm equally (and secretly) mesmerized by Instagram's food-porn and I dream about making healthy cakes someday...

10. I stay clear from violent movies. I couldn't even finish season 1 of Games of Thrones, it gave me nightmares. However, I have sustained The Outlander as the story of true love far outweighed any drama and intrigue. Presently, I watch The Good Witch. It's so heart-warming!

Favorites: Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Santa Clarita Diet, Brooklyn 9-9, Harry Potter movies, and anything from/with Sasha Baron Cohen, Adam Sandler and Ben Affleck. The best actor out there, in my opinion, must be Leonardo DiCaprio.

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