The divine masculine/feminine dynamics

Are you a woman who's caring, yet feeling the pressure to play the 'femme fatale' when all you want to do is to chill and receive?

Are you a man who'd like to give more of himself, learn to live from the heart while still preserving his masculine gifts of objectivity and execution of ideas?

You all can be, do, and have it all. 

Receive - magnetize - more love, more magic, and unconditional support that is all around you...

Give - let yourself take space in this world and become a vessel for spreading goodness.

Find a balance of giving/receiving, and you create your ideal relationship within and with the people who matter!

Learning self-love and ancient Tantric teachings is the way.

What is self-love

Once you master loving yourself fully, yourself be able to:


  1. Say f*ck off to anything unimportant and to anyone who doesn't appreciate your worth

  2. Be assertive about your boundaries

  3. Raise your self-worth

  4. Open yourself to receiving help, support & love 

  5. Attract good people like a magnet

  6. See love everywhere around you

  7. Strengthen relationships

  8. Find your soulmate

  9. Communicate better

  10. Make healthier choices to heal your body and mind

  11. Create a mind-blowing sex life

  12. Stop judging yourself and others

  13. Leave toxic jobs

  14. Leave toxic relationships

  15. Break free from addictions

  16. Stabilize your mood

  17. Make a living out of your passion

  18. Earn more

  19. Fulfill your dreams

  20. Have freedom in life

  21. Forgiveness comes easy

  22. Help other sisters and brothers thrive



In fact, the benefits are endless


Self-love is the underestimated foundation of all transformation and the dream life you’re able to build as a result.

Who - or what -  is a goddess?


The goddess within you is unconditional love and acceptance, spontaneous joy, fierce passion, high self-esteem, healthy sexuality, and the trust in your unique self-expression.

A woman who embodies her inner gifts effortlessly may as well be called: A GODDESS.

They used to call us all kinds of names, some noble, some not as much. Apart from the obvious deities, notable goddesses were:

Ancient Egyptian queens like Cleopatra, sacred female sages of Delphi whom men worshiped and prayed to, mythical Amazons, Nordic Valkyries deciding about life or death, powerful Indigenous shamans/healers without whom their tribal chiefs wouldn't survive, traditional Tantrikas who use their touch, experience in breathwork and long hours on hand to assist couples in rekindling the fire again, medieval enchantresses practicing magick to manifest healing, protection, and abundance of resources, and high-class courtesans who were hired by aristocratic wives to distract their hideous husbands.

You choose!

There is an archetype of the goddess in each and every one of us.

All in all, smart women made history. The powerful and beautiful ones were always in the spotlight, however,

I will not have us hunted anymore.

A modern goddess:

  • Eats any diet that makes her feel good

  • Loves her body and trusts its messages​

  • Is in sync with her menstrual cycle and respects her varied needs every week

  • Takes joy in her own power-movement so it may never feel like an exercise

  • Doesn't scold herself, she has tools to deal with any kind of setback

  • Rocks her own fashion style that is uniquely her and makes her feel comfortable and beautiful

  • Owns her sex-appeal, it can be subtle or not so subtle

  • Dances with wild abandon for her own joy, and maybe, for the dropped jaws of onlookers

  • Makes love in the Tantric way first and foremost - to herself

  • Embodies 'white' Tantric principles in her relationships

  • Doesn't always have to be in a romantic relationship, she may have several lovers whom she is transparent with, or she enjoys long periods of celibacy

  • Is comfortable with silence

  • Loves her own company

  • Is creative with her gifts - she likes to paint, or sing, or write, or help people, or whatever makes her feel in the flow

  • Plays with children and animals

  • Knows that 'no' is not an answer when it comes to her dreams

  • Doesn't chase men - she gives them a window of opportunity to chase her

  • Is confident

  • Believes in a higher power

  • Has a tribe of supportive sister goddesses

  • Knows she can do whatever the f*ck she wants as long as it doesn't hurt her or others.

Come, and join the tribe. I will teach you all of the above and more.

The lessons in ancient wisdom, customized coaching, support of like-minded women, and your own life transformed for the better are WORTH IT!

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