I believe that you and I aren't that much different. Perhaps you wonder when

will you finally start seeing your worth, act according to your highest

values, speak your truth and embrace who you really are? Maybe you

fear that you're meant to grow old alone with a dozen of cats to keep

you company, and then you question: If there is a light at the end

of the tunnel, when will I bloody see it? I used to worry about all

that, plus that I'll never lose the extra weight and no one will

ever like me! But, success on levels isn't just a distant dream.

The trick is to first stop caring about what other people think.

Hi, my name is Pavlina Fedakova, the author under

the pen name Pavlina Lioness.

First of all, no person should be doubting their own worth, skills

nor think they are weak if they show their emotions. Trust me,

deep-feeling women and men who can embrace their vulnerability

are rich and powerful!



I'm a Lightworker - a sensitive spiritual guide and channel, international life coach and holistic therapist.

I have a passion for wellbeing, helping others manage stress and anxiety, and - as a certified Tantrika and bodyworker - counseling on sexual concerns and clearing old trauma from the body and mind.

Feeling whole, at peace with the past and presence, and having positive expectations about the future is SELF-LOVE at its best. I’ve been healing and coaching clients across the world since 2014. I established a loyal following in many states in Australia. I see my positive impact in my clients' growth, their recommendations, and endorsements.


I hold certificates in Reiki levels 1-2, Tantra Massage, diplomas in Remedial Massage, Chakra Alchemy, Advanced Life Coaching, Counseling & Psychotherapy, NLP, Nutrition, Diploma in Community Services Case Management and a Bachelor's Degree in Humanities and Social Sciences.

I studied various Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) - tapping on meridians, dialogues between the right brain and left brain, family constellations, counseling, personal development courses from Landmark Pty, and mindfulness meditation. 

Recently, I completed Bodyelectronics - a shamanic training with Peter Aziz. It included many healing modalities such are Iridology, Chinese Medicine, Point Holding, Theta Healing, and Sedona technique. 

My constant passion is dancing. I took Kundalini courses by Leyolah Antara and danced Kundalini Chakra series under Patricia Gonsalves. Dancing is the doorway to unite our masculine and feminine polarities within.

Other conscious movement practices I explore regularly are 5rhythms, 5 elements and Ecstatic dancing with various practitioners around the world.

My Tantric education comes largely from Margot Anand and Diana Richardson, both of whom learned directly from Osho.

Have you considered the acceptance of both the light and the dark in our being as a path to healing?

That is also 'Tantra' to me.

Anyone can manifest their dreams if they put in the awareness and effort.

I love my work and my healing guidance is always tailored according to my client's circumstances.

I hope to make the world a more loving place!

My story in a nutshell

Despite my spiritual awareness, I have known pain just like the next person. My life is an example of overcoming obstacles and learning to thrive in this modern world no matter how fast it may be spinning.

Too many of my young years were spent concentrating my energy on things that made me miserable.

As a kid, I felt like an outsider, alienated from most of my peers, teased for my mixed-race look, and misunderstood in the broken home. As a seeking teenager, addictions came along to help.

In my early twenties, I would more than dabble in spirituality and personal growth, yet I would forever keep escaping myself.

It was around my most difficult breakup and a profession change - just on my return from hell - when I discovered my calling. The hurt made me understand myself and others better. The massive turn of events helped me recognize that there’s never any need to stay where we don't belong.

Something has shifted then. I received a lot of support and began transforming faster than before. I knew where I needed to go and what I needed to do.

In my thirties, I live a happy and fairly peaceful life, free from depression and addictions to substances, people, social media, or sex. I accept others as they are and embrace my own shadows.

It takes a profound effort to confront our ego, prejudices, jealousies and shameful shadows, but in facing these demons we can begin to transform many aspects of our lives.

The rocky path of healing myself from depression and anxiety has equipped me with the right tools to now lead others out of the darkness. After all, who else can display more understanding than the one who used to suffer debilitating panic attacks and toyed with the thoughts of suicide?

If you're looking for an empathic, compassionate, and non-judgmental healer/mentor, you've just found one :)


Why do I do what I do? It is quite clear that the world is full of wounded people who were once wounded children.

My vision is to heal the inner child that feels unhappy, unsafe, unloved, and misunderstood.
Coming back to ourselves and finding deep self-love within can happen easily during my sessions.
Whether you are depressed and don't know why, or you have been sexually abused in the past, I believe I can help you.

When we were children, society trimmed our wings. Our desires - including healthy expressions of sexuality - turned into fears and were buried beneath the surface.
Healthy sexual expressions have many forms.
Nudity, dancing, hugging, self-pleasuring, love-making, connecting to others and gazing are just some.

I am not just about teaching people how to get over trauma to lead more fulfilling sex lives.


I am about preventing unhealthy sexual expressions: rape, sex-trafficking, and sexual harassment.

- undoing the damage in individuals who recognize their right to change.

- causing a transformation in individuals who are ready to face their demons.

- bringing people together via authentic communication, so there is more love, more forgiveness, and more transparency in all that we do.

Being more loving, present, living in bliss, staying connected to all there is, making love with our hearts open, and loving people with all our being yet without attachment are the teachings of Sacred Sexuality and Tantra.
But they are not the cure.

So what is?
We will discover what exactly YOU need.

My vision is to eliminate the shame and guilt imposed upon us by past generations who turned their backs on ancient spiritual wisdom.
That is what compels people to rape or disrespect others and themselves.

These days the media is filled with cases of youth suicide, broken marriages, and most recently, the #metoo revelations. This must stop.

We shall strive to bring forth a new conscious revolution where there are no perverted crimes and abuse of 'masculine' power (in men and women) over 'feminine' vulnerability (in men and women) because people are free to express their desires in a healthy, safe and non-abusive way.

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