hey beautiful soul, 

you're here for a reason, and you're not going anywhere without radical self-love

Self-love is not just thinking that you're amazing - on your good days. Self-love is knowing that you mess up sometimes, but it's okay!


If you can't accept yourself - your body, your past, your sexuality, or you're stuck in toxic jobs and relationships - you have a self-love problem.


Battling secret shame and guilt will get you nowhere.

Learning to love yourself more will bring you the dream life that you'll love to live.





Once you master loving yourself fully, you’ll be able to:


  1. Say f*ck off to anything unimportant and to anyone who doesn't appreciate your worth

  2. Be assertive about your boundaries 

  3. Attract the opposite sex like a magnet

  4. See love everywhere around you

  5. Strengthen relationships

  6. Find your soulmate

  7. Communicate better

  8. Make healthier choices to heal your body and mind

  9. Have a mind-blowing sex life

  10. Stop judging yourself and others

  11. Leave toxic jobs

  12. Leave toxic relationships

  13. Break free from addictions

  14. Stabilize your mood

  15. Make a living out of your passion

  16. Earn more

  17. Fulfill your dreams

  18. Have freedom in life

  19. Forgiveness comes easy

  20. Help other sisters and brothers to thrive



In fact, the benefits are endless


Self-love is the underestimated foundation of all transformation and the dream life you’re able to build as a result.

Isn’t that amazing?



I'm a woman who's been there too. I've experienced a lack of self-love before. It affected my wellbeing, confidence, and brought on frequent bad moods. I created lasting changes in my life, and so can you.


I'm a certified life coach, energy healer, conscious sexuality advocator, and finally, a goddess down to a T!

I enjoy helping people heal, release old childhood wounds, and find love.

The SELF-LOVE commitment

Ever thought:

"The path to feeling happy, healthy, empowered, and confident in my feminine/masculine has been hard and frustrating. I can't even see many positive results." ?

That's because it isn't the self-love path and that's why it feels long and infuriating.

Loving yourself is easy once you discard the BS stories you tell yourself and discover the rhythm of unconditional love. You must jump on the bandwagon to cultivate it.

Certainly, there'll be slip-ups along the way, but if you're still showing up for yourself, these slips will be minor.

I am supportive, non-judgmental, and confident to set you up on your own self-love journey. Together, we can turn the life as you know it upside down and create whatever else you want!

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Pavlina's expertise on the topic of conscious sexuality allowed me to have some important realizations. Pavlina holds space and loving kindness for her clients and responds with patience and genuinety in her practice, thank you Pav! Highly recommend her as a coach!


Pavlina has a beautiful way of holding space for you to open up and be vulnerable. She is understanding and compassionate and guides you beautifully to what you need. She guided me through a powerful chakra breathing exercise that was extremely grounding and helped me to feel connected to my body and soul when I had been feeling so disconnected. I would highly recommend her, she is a beautiful person inside and out and has a real gift!!


Pavlina recently helped me during a difficult time through a healing session and I will be forever grateful. If you’re open and ready to do the work, she’s the greatest guide you could ask for!


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Koh Samui, Thailand  84280



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